Project Brief: Robbins Bros. Concept App


While working at FreshForm Interactive, I was tasked with figuring out a cool new potential application of mobile technology for their client Robbins Brothers. After brainstorming several potential concepts, I eventually decided to build a prototype of an iPad app that would help sales associates make the process of selecting and purchasing a ring better for customers.


The client, in the end, did not decide to have us build the full app, but I thought the prototype is fun to share. The problem the app addresses is helping sales associates educate customers on different options for diamonds and the ring settings.

The most interesting part of the process was getting into the mindset of a potential ring buyer. I am single and have never been through the process of buying a wedding ring. So two of us went to a Robbins Bros. store and experienced the process of selecting a diamond and setting. There is an incredible amount of options available to customers and it took us around 90min to make a selection. During that time we were bombarded with information and left with a bunch of notes. So we created the app that would keep track of the relevant information for the customer and send it them via email including any product codes, photos of diamonds and settings. The app even enabled the sales associate to take a picture of the ring on a customer’s hand and include that so they could visualize the purchase.

Technologies and Methods