Robo 3D Printer App
Robo 3D has developed some innovative 3D printers that bring the power of 3D printers into homes and schools across the country. They had a desire to enable users to control their printers via an iPhone app. I created an app that communicates with the printer’s Octoprint API to enable user to grab 3D models from Google Drive, Dropbox, and MyMiniFactory and send to the printer as well as configure the printer’s Wifi settings.
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BlitzDeals App

BlitzDeals came up with an app concept that would use geolocation to show users business deals and discounts based that were available near them. User’s browse nearby available deals and after selecting one, the app creates a geofence around the selected business. Later, when the user enters the geofence at the time of the deal, the user gets a notification that they can make use of the deal and the business is alerted to the customer activity.
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Ace Parking Mobile POS

Working with FreshForm Interactive, I developed an enterprise mobile point of sale solution for Ace Parking. Now visitors to Qualcomm Stadium, San Diego Convention Center, and other venues can use credit cards and get get mobile receipts printed quickly.
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Retail Associate iPad App

As a concept app, I designed and prototyped an iPad app that would improve retail associate’s ability to assist customers when purchasing rings. Customers could easily view different diamond cuts and ring settings and have their favorite selections sent to them via email.
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Ultimate Rules

A personal project of mine experimenting with what I can do at the intersection of law and technology.

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Sharp Central

A custom fit television recommendation tool will ask a few short questions and help you choose a bigger and better TV that fits your style.

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QuikStats Ultimate

QuickStats Ultimate is an app for Ultimate frisbee players. It allows one observer to easily keep statistics for all players and both teams. Stats from each game can easily be shared with others via email.

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An app that allows people in California to stay engaged with LGBT issues and contact their legislator.

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SumFun: Addition

Simple brain-teaser that tests your addition skills.

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